The Ohio Chapter of URISA GIS User Group Committee was formed to support GIS user groups in Ohio, increase knowledge and skills of the Ohio GIS community, and uphold the Chapter’s objectives and values. The committee is tasked with the review, proposal, and allocation of a portion of the revenue received from the Ohio GIS conference to support the local user groups and promote GIS in Ohio. A user group may request up to $500 in a two year period. In order to be eligible for these funds, user groups must comply with the following:

  • The potential user group must be organized in Ohio and conduct at least half of their meetings within the Ohio boundaries. The group can have membership outside Ohio.
  • The support has a direct and positive effect on the Ohio GIS community.
  • The potential user group must meet three times a year or more with attendees in addition to leadership.
  • The training, activity, or other monetary support must support the Ohio Chapter of URISA’s objectives and values.
  • The activity must be open to all Ohio Chapter of URISA members and communicated at Chapter meetings before the activity and summarized after the activity.
  • All requests are presented to the board for final approval to ensure they uphold the mission, values and goals of the Ohio Chapter.
  • The user group leader must be a current member of the Ohio Chapter of URISA.

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