Ohio URISA is pleased to announce its mentorship program, MATCH.

What is MATCH?
MATCH is a mentorship program that puts undergraduate, graduate students and young professionals in touch with volunteer professionals experienced in the GIS field. MATCH facilitates mentorship and informational interviews, a method that is effective in sharing knowledge and developing professional networks. The program is open to all Ohio URISA members.

The purpose of MATCH is to enrich the local GIS community by sharing the experience of seasoned professionals with those new to the field. This will be achieved by pairing a mentee with an appropriate mentor based on the focus/discipline and professional GIS goals of the mentee. Young professionals will then have the ability to ask questions, receive support, guidance, and applicable information to help build up their professional profiles.

Students and young professionals benefit by obtaining invaluable, personalized insight into the GIS profession. The mentee will gain confidence and begin to develop a network of GIS professionals through this experience. The information that the experienced professionals will be able to offer, be it technical, ethical, or professional, will be invaluable to aspiring professionals as they move forward in their careers.

The program provides opportunities for professionals to volunteer as a mentor and contribute to the GIS profession by sharing their knowledge, and experience. Mentoring through the MATCH program also affords GIS professionals with the opportunity to obtain GISP points (see handbook for details).


Temporarily under construction.  While we work to bring the MATCH form to digital format please use the email link below to receive notification when it goes live.

Please review the MATCH Handbook for more information on expectations, guidelines, and tips on how to develop a successful mentoring relationship.

Mentors: Professionals with at least 5 years of experience in the field are eligible to serve as a mentor. The professional may have a diversity of experiences but only has to select the skillsets that they feel comfortable mentoring.

Mentees: Students and young professionals who are in involved in a GIS related field can request a mentor. Young professionals should have less than 5 years experience in the field.

Mentors and Mentees must be members of URISA.

Read the MATCH Handbook

View the URISA Mentoring Network flyer

Contact match@ohurisa.org