Ohio URISA GIS Education Series

May 15th at Columbus State

The Ohio URISA GIS Education Series is an annual, one-day learning expo for attendees to get a variety of opportunities to learn about GIS software and techniques to improving solutions for their organization. This year’s event will be on May 15th, at the Columbus State Conference Center. The “Ask the Experts” panel will be back along with several presentations and workshops. Topics include ArcGIS Pro, the ArcGIS Python API, Vector Tiles and more. Please note that workshop space is limited. The registration includes the entire day of content, a light continental breakfast, snacks and drinks throughout the day, and a Mexican & Fajita Taco Bar for lunch. Parking is free at Columbus State for attendees that day.

Featured Speaker: Teresa Townsend

Teresa Townsend, the current URISA President, will be speaking along with Tom Fisher in the 9:30 General Session “What is URISA”. They will discuss the proposed changes regarding OneURISA, which is set to be implemented over the next several years.


8:00-9:00      Registration & Light Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:30      General Session: Ask the Experts Panel
9:30-10:00    General Session: What is URISA Panel
10:00-10:10  Event Welcoming & Vendor Introductions
10:10-10:25  Break in Vendor Area
10:25-Noon  AM Sessions (See Below)
Noon-1:15    Lunch in Ballroom (Provided)
1:15-3:00      PM Sessions (See Below)
3:00-3:15      Break in Vendor Area & Light Snacks
3:15-3:45      General Session: Industry Trends & Conference Wrap-Up


Arc GIS Pro, PT 1: General Introduction to Pro, Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, Mapping and Visualization, Editing in ArcGIS Pro
(AM Session)

Jordan Miller, Esri

ArcGIS Pro is part of ArcGIS for Desktop and introduces an exciting new experience for desktop GIS. If you are an ArcMap user looking to transition to Pro, learn about tips and strategies for getting your job done in ArcGIS Pro. Moreover, in this session we will cover how to build maps and layouts in ArcGIS Pro and how to author 2D content. Learn how to display your data, work with symbols/styles, configure labels for your layers and generate effective layouts to display and distribute your work. We will also cover common editing workflows in this session. ArcGIS Pro allows you to create and edit data interactively in 2D and 3D. Editing topics include creating new features, working with feature templates, using snapping, updating attributes, and editing existing features.

Portal: May the Workforce Be With Your Survey
(AM Session)

Ken Carrier, Larry Rover, Craig Bruner

If you are interested in learning how to leverage the Esri platform and create solutions that integrate a variety of the products offered by Esri, then we would like to recommend you come to this presentation. We were tasked with trying to make a software that was purchased over 7 years ago do things that it simply was not designed to do. It forced us to look at what we already had and develop a custom application/process to meet the needs of our Gas utility operators and managers.

The integration included an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment with a server farm stood up in Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud environment, Federated Portal for ArcGIS, Workforce for ArcGIS, Survey123, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, custom python scripting for generating reports with attachments when a new survey was submitted, writing the report to a network location, then sending an email when the work was complete with a hyperlink to the document on our network.

What will be shown is that with some planning and forethought Esri customers can develop in-house solutions to meet the needs of field crews and managers. The goal of this project was to build a self-sustaining system that could in essence be managed by non-GIS people without creating more overhead on GIS staff. We look forward to your thoughts and questions.

Larry Rover is a GIS Specialist with the City of Hamilton, Ohio, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Some of Larry’s specialties include ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment and Configuration, Microsoft Azure, and networking.

Craig Bruner is a GIS Specialist with the City of Hamilton, Ohio with over 7 years of experience in the industry. Some of Craig’s specialties include Survery123, Workforce for ArcGIS, Web Apps/Maps, and ArcSDE.

Ken Carrier is a Senior GIS Specialist with the City of Hamilton, Ohio with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Some of Ken specialties include Python scripting and automation, programming for web and desktop apps, and managing databases.

ArcGIS Python API Interactive Workshop
(AM Session)

Jupyter Notebook Zip File

Brandon Longenberger and Joe Guzi

The ArcGIS Python API is a versatile programming language that can be used to interact with and administer ArcGIS Online or Portal. This is an interactive workshop to learn how to leverage the ArcGIS Python API to administer ArcGIS Online. We will dive in to awesome tasks such as querying content and groups, uploading items, and so much more. It is highly recommended to have some python experience, and to have access to an ArcGIS Online organization. We will be leveraging Jupyter notebooks (an open-source web application that acts as a Python IDE), and you will be able to apply everything you learn to your own organization. Join us as we explore the depths of ArcGIS Online, and propel you to new heights as an ArcGIS Online Administrator.

Arc GIS Pro, PT 2: Analysis and Geoprocessing, Data Management, Introduction to Tasks
(PM Session)

Jordan Miller, Esri

In this session we will cover geoprocessing and spatial analysis in the ArcGIS Pro application. Learn how to run simple to complex spatial analysis tools, save your geoprocessing history, and build workflows with Python and Modelbuilder. We will also cover new tools in ArcGIS Pro that helps users establish and maintain spatial integrity in their data. Finally, we will wrap up with an introduction to Tasks which help users through repeatable workflows, improve efficiency, and promote best practices in ArcGIS Pro. We will cover running a task, creating a new task, configuring a task and sharing a task, all within ArcGIS Pro.

Vector Tiles in ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Pro
(PM Session)


Skyler Dewey and Joe Guzi

You have probably heard about vector caches, and this session is geared toward helping you learn how to implement vector caches within your organization. We will peak behind the curtain of Vector caches and step you through the process of producing an awesome map in pro, building the vector cache, uploading to AGO, and automating the entire process. We will also explore the Esri Vector Basemap Style Editor (Beta), and show how you can take a Vector Basemap and restyle it for any needs. Perquisite knowledge for this session will include ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. Vector Caches can significantly improve the performance of your maps, decrease the overall processing time to create them, and we hope you will join us.

Open Computer Lab

Practice what you learned at the morning session or utilize the many Esri Online Training Courses (through your own MyEsri account).


Current Members of Ohio Chapter of URISA:  $40 (Login to see this ticket)
New or Renewing Chapter Members:  $65 (Includes complimentary membership to Chapter)
URISA International Member: $40

For sponsorship information, please contact us.

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