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Ohio URISA GIS Education Series

The Ohio URISA GIS Education Series is an annual, one-day learning expo for attendees to get a variety of opportunities to learn about GIS software and techniques to improving solutions for their organization. This year there will be presentations, workshops, a panel discussion and an opportunity at the “Ask The Experts” session that attendees can ask questions and find better solutions and practices to different GIS workflows. A light continental breakfast, lunch and 2 breaks will be provided. The three hands-on workshops have limited space.

Agenda – Talks uploaded

9:00-9:45      Panel Discussion: How Local Governments are using Asset Management
9:45-10:00    Welcome & Introductions
10:00-10:20  Break
10:20-11:50  Morning Workshops & Presentations
Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: JavaScript Apps Made Easy (Presentation)
GPS with Collector for ArcGIS: Best Practices (Presentation)
Workshop: Introduction to Leaflet, GitHub & Jekyll (Presentation)
Workshop: Running an Organizational Account in ArcGIS Online (Presentation)
11:50-1:00    Lunch (Provided)
1:00-2:40      Afternoon Workshops
Workforce for ArcGIS: Coordinate Your Field Workforce (Presentation)
Web App Builder & Me (Presentation)
Workshop: Learning how to utilize OSIP Imagery & Products
2:40-3:00      Break
3:00-4:00      General Session: Ask The Experts

Workshops & Presentation Abstracts

Panel Discussion

Learn how 5 Local Governments are implementing Asset Management in their organization.

Emcee: Patricia Moehring (City of Lebanon)

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: JavaScript Apps Made Easy

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is a pure HTML5/JavaScript-based application that allows you to create your own intuitive, fast, and beautiful web apps without writing a single line of code. The app uses new ArcGIS platform features and modern browser technology to provide both flexible and powerful capabilities such as 3D visualization of data. Come to this session to learn how you can configure workflow-driven GIS apps that run seamlessly across all devices, create both ready-to-use apps and ArcGIS web app templates for ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

Presenters: Ryan Sellman (ESRI)

GPS with Collector for ArcGIS: Best Practices

Collector mapping applications are used broadly for various workflows, including inspections and asset management. One major issue with Collector has been a lack of positional accuracy due to its utilization of autonomous GPS receivers embedded in most mobile devices. However, it is now possible to integrate high-accuracy GNSS receivers with Collector, allowing for more exact data observation.

This presentation will examine best practices involved in using these receivers in conjunction with Collector. We will discuss the specific types of receivers that can be utilized as well as how to set up communication of NMEA messages between the receiver and the application. This will include step by step instructions for configuring a supplementary mobile application, GNSS Status, which assists in this two-way communication. The utilization of VRS networks for increased accuracy will also be demonstrated. Finally, we will discuss the employment of an ArcGIS toolset for adding GNSS-specific fields to features that will auto-populate with receiver data at each collection point.

Presenters: Ken Carrier & Craig Bruner (City of Hamilton)

Workshop: An Introduction to Leaflet, GitHub & Jekyll

In this workshop we will give a ground-level introduction to the mapping api behind Facebook Live’s interactive map, Flikr’s world map, and maps used by NPR, USA Today, Evernote, Pinterest, and many other organizations and governments world-wide. We will go over the basics of building a fullscreen web map, from adding data, styling, interaction, and basic GIS analysis in the browser. This will be a step by step process, with attendees following along and building their own map.

We will also preview the Mapbox GL web map API, which enables polygon extrusion and map rotation. Finally, we will showcase several responsive web map templates and examine how to utilize GitHub and Jekyll as a platform for publishing web maps.

This is a workshop, and not a presentation, so be prepared to get your feet wet with entry-level HTML and JavaScript. No prior HTML, CSS or JavaScript experience is needed, but of course would be helpful. If you want to follow along with the second half of the workshop using GitHub, a (free) GitHub account is necessary. If you have a laptop with Jekyll installed, that will work as well.

Presenters: Malcolm Meyer (OVRDC), Jesse Glascock & Jon Woyame (Prime 3SG)

Workshop: Running Organizational Account in ArcGIS Online

With an ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Organizational account you can do many things to customize your AGOL experience. In this training we will focus on some administrative tasks that will help manage and optimize your organizational account. We will go over customizing the home page, setting your account to be public or private, creating roles, enterprise logins, and prepping your site to create and support an open data site. In addition we will cover how to manage licenses and monitor credit usage along with some tips and tricks on how to optimize credit usage and minimize unneeded credit consumption.

Presenters: Larry Rover (City of Hamilton)

Workforce for ArcGIS: Coordinate Your Field Workforce

Maximize the efficiency of your field workforce using Workforce for ArcGIS. We will show you how Workforce integrates with other ArcGIS apps like Navigator for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 to accomplish a variety of field workflows.

Presenters: Ryan Sellman (ESRI)

Presentation: Web App Builder & Me

Nerdy Abstract:

Web App Builder verses Web App Builder Developer Edition, that is the question. Join us as we boldly explore the needs of the many and the needs of the few or the one to answer the ultimate question. As we dive in, we will explore the Kirks and Kahns of either decision and the tips and tricks necessary to be successful.

Serious Abstract:

Web App builder and Web App builder Developer edition are two different ways to configure and deploy applications. We will explore the pros and cons of each option, and show you some tips and tricks along the way. Join us as we dig into github to explore resources and widgets available to you and several different ways to implement them.

Presenters: Ken Carrier, Joe Guzi (Stark County)

Learning how to utilize OSIP Imagery & Products

This workshop focuses on the imagery and elevation data provided by the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program that the OGRIP (Ohio Geographically Reference Information Program) coordinates. Attendees would learn about the program, accessing the data, and tricks to utilize the data for your organization’s maps in new ways. Some of the topics will include: working with mosaic datasets, digital elevation models, and cartographic techniques for your basemaps.

Presenters: Kyle Schaper (Licking County)

Ask the Experts

Have you ever been stuck on a GIS problem at your home or office? Have you wondered if you were the only one who has faced the problem you are facing? The “Ask the Experts” panel will be an opportunity to get your GIS questions answered. We have compiled a Panel experts whom have similar experiences as you and will be able to help figure out the problems you have been facing. Together we can solve all GIS problems! Please submit your question to the Ohio Chapter of URISA website, and we will you answer your questions at the GIS Educational Series. We will also be taking questions from the audience so bring your questions to the Session as well! Some answers may be quick while the experts may be researching other answers while this session continues. Everyone should be able to learn something from this session.

Emcee: Joe Guzi (Stark County)

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