OSIP III Contract Awarded

The Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) is pleased to announce the contract for the third iteration of the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) has been awarded to Woolpert Inc., an Ohio based engineering and aerial imagery firm that will serve as the prime contractor for OSIP III. OSIP will acquire high-resolution imagery for the State of Ohio to support the geospatial needs of state and local government service providers, Geographic Information System users, and decision makers at all levels of government.

Flights will begin spring of 2017 and continue through 2020 (Northeast: 2017, West: 2018, Central: 2019, Southeast: 2020). Products include: Orthoimagery: Fully processed (8 or 16bit): 12IN 4-band, 6IN 4-band, 3IN 4-band. Rectified (8 or 16bit): 12IN 4-band, 6IN 4-band, 3IN 4-band. Oblique Imagery: LiDAR, Contours, Landuse/Land Cover/CAUV, Historical Imagery Service, Mobile Mapping LiDAR.